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Snakes CD

Snakes CD

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The Snakes
"Happy" & "I Won't Love You 'til You're More Like Me" CD

Adult Swim Records No. AS 2 CD, released in 1990

The Snakes were a studio project consisting of schoolmates and fellow S.O.A. bandmates Simon Jacobsen and Michael Hampton (Michael went on to play in The Faith, Embrace, One Last Wish, Manifesto).   While not a "real" band, the Snakes injected some very necessary levity as well as nice harmonies into the early DC punk scene.   They had very catchy songs, filled with great melodies and silly lyrics, all performed with infectious enthusiasm.

The Snakes first album "I Won't Like You 'til You're More Like Me" was recorded in 1982 and 1983, and released on Dischord in 1985.

The Snakes' second album, "Happy", was one of the factors which led to the formation of Adult Swim Records in 1989.  Dischord Records partners Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson both loved The Snakes' music, but had very different views as to whether The Snakes were a "real" band, and whether their music was suitable for Dischord Records.  Jeff loved The Snakes music and the Holy Rollers first demo tape so much that he formed Adult Swim to put out stuff deemed unsuitable by Ian.

CD includes 2 full albums: 

"Happy" (1990, Adult Swim Records)


"I Won't Love You Till You're More Like Me",
(1986, Dischord No. 18)

Produced by Ian MacKaye and The Snakes

1-My Girl Gloria
2-Don't Tread On Me
3-Glass Eyes
4-World Upside Down
6-Afraid of Love
7-Appraising Personalities
8-I'm a Holiday
9-Man of the Monocle & Bottle
10-Oh No, Olga
11-Jane of Apes
12-Hat on the Bed
13-Dance, Mr. Fish
14-She's Got It Now
15-I Won't Love You ('til you're more like me)
16-For Colored Girls
17-Six O'Clock
18-Serv-Pro Joe
19-Snake Rap
20-Greek Song
21-Twelve Angry Men
22-Push Over
23-City Girls
24-Exchange of Clowns
25-Everything He Wants
26-Fixing a Chair
27-License to Fish