Pedestrian Press was founded on the first day of 1988 by Jeff Nelson, co-owner of Dischord Records, with the intention of producing and selling shirts, books, posters, and assorted dry goods. The following year he founded a side label, Adult Swim, to release music deemed unsuitable for Dischord.

At present we are offering one book and a number of t-shirts/sweatshirts, including a good many Dischord shirts. These are the only authorized Dischord shirts in the world - any other Dischord shirts you see are bootlegs.

The name Pedestrian Press was chosen as a reaction to all that was being lost in the never-ending rush to modernity. Although often used as a pejorative, the word "pedestrian" can also be a badge of honor, denoting a conscious decision to opt for methods that are slower, more measured, and more reflective. In a very literal sense, it really is amazing how much more of the world one takes in when one travels on foot. Sights, smells, sounds, and conversations are all much more vivid and lasting when one leaves one's automotive cocoon, turns off one's cell phone, and pays attention to what is actually transpiring all around. The world continues to shrink with the advent of each new form of communication and transportation, and while they are hyped as time and labor-saving devices, they actually rob us of quality time and meaningful interaction with each other.

All that lofty stuff having being said, it sure is amazing how easily one can sell one's wares to the farthest corners of the globe due to the internet ! Pedestrian Press will strive to balance its abhorrence of modernity with its desire to fill its coffers through worldwide commerce. We will do our utmost to bring you tasteful, well-designed and well-made goods at fair prices.