"Oliver North's Pack of Lies" Playing Cards - Uncut Sheet & Deck of Cards

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DESCRIPTION:  Rare, mint-condition, large (26" x 40" [660mm x 1016mm]) uncut sheet of an entire deck of "Oliver North's Pack of Lies" playing cards, along with one (1) completed deck of playing cards.  (You can also buy a deck of the playing cards by themselves).  Black and Red ink on glossy white stock. This sheet was printed in 1994 for production of a deck of playing cards created to help defeat Oliver North in his bid for Senator of Virginia. 

HISTORY: When I had an art studio in the same building where we had an office for Dischord, I met some great people in an organization called Clean Up Congress, and became good friends with its founder Woody Holton (great Colonial historian and son of former Virginia Governor Linwood Holton). We got along famously, and both shared a real hatred of Oliver North, dating from his days during the Iran-Contra episode when he and others lied under oath to Congress.  (In 1988 my anger at Attorney General Edwin Meese for his many transgressions during those years, led me to silkscreen large posters that said "Meese Is A Pig", and along with friends, we posted them all over the Washington, DC area).   Clean Up Congress had been founded to go after Congressional candidates with terrible environmental records, but an exception was made for North, because his election to office would have proved to be a stain on the honor of the Old Dominion. The only time I ever voted for a Republican was for Senator John Warner of Virginia, as thanks to him for refusing to endorse North's candidacy. Anyway, I ended up designing anti-North stuff for Clean Up Congress, including these playing cards and "Virginia is for Lovers, Not Liars - DEFEAT NORTH" t-shirts (which are also for sale).  The "Pack of Lies" playing cards were by far the biggest undertaking in our effort to derail North's candidacy.  


 While I got busy designing the card, Woody and many helpers set to work researching and documenting 52 different lies that North had told, with a refutation of each.  Time was incredibly short, and I had no idea where to get proper playing cards printed.  It was hard to find someone willing to print the cards, as many printers were scared of controversy.  Finally I found a printer in Baltimore who was willing to print them.  We were then given 54 boxes, each containing a different card, from which we had to hand-assemble the decks. Boy, what a pain in the ass!  It took lots of people, each in charge of adding one card to each deck being assembled.  I came up with a device I called the "Rice Krispies Machine" (see photo), which was a series of single-serving size cereal boxes cut apart and stapled together in a row, which acted as little trays for the decks. We ended up selling almost 20,000 decks, which covered our costs and raised money for press conferences and such.  The Clinton White House bought 50 decks, which was of course exciting to hear about. In the end, North was defeated and we were quite proud of having played a small part. I include some photos here of me creating a massive blow-up of the card for a press conference, and then clowning around with it once completed (no, you do not get the photos, they are just in the auction to whet your appetite!).  I have also included a photo of one of the completed decks of cards, which you get with the uncut sheet. 


  When I first had the cards printed, I asked the printer to save a few uncut sheets.  There were not many uncut sheets saved, and fewer still remain today.  This uncut sheet and completed deck have been in my archives for 18 years now, and I am downsizing because the volume of stuff I have has been deemed insane and as containing "more than my potential kids or grandkids will ever want." 



SHIPPING:  Mailing this uncut sheet of cards requires a pretty strong and long tube.  Poster will be very carefully rolled, protected with tissue or tracing paper, and placed in a ridiculously strong tube. Tube is 5" in diameter, to prevent having to roll poster at all tightly.